Family skiing in Alpe d’Huez – 12/2019

11 Jan

To Khalid and is dear family with whom I shared a great skiing and teaching experience during last christmas holidays.

From green groomers to the longest european black slope in about two weeks. Great times and improvements. It’s all about fun, hot chocolates (without foam), double espresso’s, mars/kitkat/snickers/orwhatevertheyvegot. All it takes are small tiny mountains and a little snow ! 😉

Thank you for your trust

South Africa Team

19 Jan

group picture during a lesson


Cara, Ella, Hanna and the boyz, Jack and Tristan. Those are the names of these amazing little skiers. From snowplow turns to perfect parallel slides and turns, not to mention the fancy stops. Improvements were numerous and fun was always our motto.

As promised, Tristan is flying high in l’Alpe d’Huez sky while our feats of strength are displayed in this short video.





Ours Danish Snowboarders in action !

13 Jan

Last Day

More powder to conclude with another brilliant session. Thank you boys for this week; it was good riding with you. Here’s the last episode of our adventures :

Day 3

Another part of “L’Alpe d’Huez Grand Domaine” got shredded today. I took the boys around Villard Reculas, all the way down to the elevator through a dream made of trees and powder. Danmark youth sure loves jumping all over the place :

Day 2

Another good morning with the boys, this time we’ve left our tracks on Monfrais-Vaujany area. Here’s a glance at the team in action :

Day 1

This week “Ours” Danish organisation provided me an excellent bunch of snowboarders. We had a great morning today enjoying 30cm of fresh powder on Signal de l’Homme.

This video does NOT reflect how good those guys are 😉