Ski & Snowboard Instructor


About Me

Athletic and passionate about mountain life from a very young age,  it was only natural for me to merge these two passions and pursue the exciting profession of ski monitor.
With a BAC+3 Communication Technology diploma in hands, I left my native country, Belgium, and moved to l’Alpe d’Huez: a renowned and beautiful ski resort in the heart of the Oisan region, in our neighbouring country of France.
It was a great personal challenge given that the technical level required for my profession is no easy feat for a foreigner who grew up far from the mountains.
Regardless, in May 2010 I proudly pinned the famous French ski monitor medal on my red sweater.
Red like the ESF, the school in which I choose to practice my profession.  This school’s infrastructure and the rich pool of experiences offered, make it an ideal place for anyone to learn or improve their skiing skills.

What I am Offering You

Adaptative learning, true to the foundations of the French school of ski and snowboard.  Everyone is different – child, youth or adult — but above all, everyone is unique in their way of learning.
By taking the time to get to know my students, their personalities and the way they function, I can develop a didactic plan that’s best suited to each individual.  In this way, my approach will change according to you, your desires and your preferences.  At times technical, at times playful; at times demonstrating, at times explaining; we will together create a learning environment that is adapted to you or your children.
I like to remind my students that the best part of this adventure takes place away from marked ski trails.  For those who wish to develop their technical skills to a level that will allow them to pursue off-trail skiing, the best the mountain has to offer will be in your hands.